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MSV1 Paddle Shifter Set

MSV1 Paddle Shifter Set

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This proven design is machined from aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum and then anodized for a durable and consistent finish.  Albeit a rather simple construction, it is an exceptionally solid set of shifters.  There are no seems to break apart and the geometry gives it the strength to take on any and all environments they will be subjected to.  The machining and construction meets or exceeds motorsport industry standards like those used for WEC, IMSA, SCCA and F1. 

These can be used with almost any pnuematic, hydraulic or electric shifting systems out there as well as almost every ECU, TCU, ECM or any three letter variation of that.  Anything from MoTec, MME, 6XD, to Haltech, Tremec, Cosworth, Sadev and many more. 

These feature magnetic snap action shifting which allows for fast, definite and reliable actuation.  With no springs to wear out, they are truly the ultimate way of controlling the feel.  Incredibly reliable switches are used, but the key is the design of the body.  With our design and extremely tight tolerances, we ensure the maximum life of the switch and avoid premature failure and has been virtually eliminated with our modules.

Recently these completed the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans in the Garage 56 entry from Hendrick Motorsports. 

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