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Digital OF1 Mazda - M35x4

Digital OF1 Mazda - M35x4

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This is the OF1, our take on the vented oil funnel. As we are bad at naming things, it simply stands for Oil Funnel 1 and is not to be confused with "that" website.  

This particular unit is designed to fit most M35x4 threaded engines from the likes of Mazda.  If you look through the pictures, you'll see what we mean. 

So, if you are someone that does your own oil changes, or does them for others, this thing is a no brainer.  No more "blub, blub, blub" noises from the oil funnel as you wait for the air to escape.  With our design, the oil flows nicely into your engine without hiccups. 

This thing is made from PETG as it offers the best chemical resistance and strength while keeping the cost low for everyone involved.  It also comes with an anti-drip cap and anti-splash lip. 

Digital files are for personal use only, non-commercial, not for resale. You cannot sell the digital model, a derivative or adaptation of the model, nor can you sell prints/makes of the digital model or a derivative or adaptation of the model. This is not a physical product. Digital downloads will be sent via email automatically after completing payment. Downloads may include printing recommendation and additional parts links if desired.

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